Students from abroad have the opportunity to exploit:

  • University residences made available by ERSU for the UNIVPM students

  • Residences on private flats with negotiated rents contracts provided by the Municipality of Ancona

University residences made available from ERSU

Regional Agency for the Right of the University Study provides an opportunity for non residents students to access in the Student Houses as a result of winning the regional scholarship or that are included in the list of applicants for places that have remained unoccupied.


Dormitories managed by ERSU are situated in different parts of the city:


Polo Economia - Ancona Centro - Corso Matteotti 96
Polo Economia - Ancona Centro - Via Scosciacavalli 8-10-12-21 

Polo Economia - Ancona Centro - Via Saffi 22 

Polo Ingegneria - Ancona Tavernelle - Via Pirandello 4 

Polo Ingegneria - Ancona Tavernelle - Via Brecce Bianche 25 

Polo Ingegneria - Ancona Tavernelle - Via Bartolo da Sassoferrato 2 

Polo di Medicina - Torrette di Ancona - Via Lambro 1


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Residences in private housing with rental contracts negotiated with the Municipality of Ancona

The lease agreement are rental contracts where the owner and tenant agree to a fee of between a minimum and a maximum, according to the ranges established in the area, based on the areas that comprise the municipal and the characteristics of the apartment.


Documento in formato Adobe AcrobatModel to lease housing for university students(35 KB)





For further information:


ERSU Ente Regionale Diritto allo Studio

Via Saffi, 22 - 60100 Ancona

Phone: +39 071 2274282