Curriculum accademico

Il curriculum accademico del Prof. GIUSEPPE TOSCANO

Associate Professor since 2014




He received the technical maturity (chemistry) in 1989 by a vote 56/60. Graduated with honors in 1996 from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ancona.


- 2001-2002 "Mechanization of livestock facilities" and "energy applied to agriculture" of Engineering agrozootecnica;
- 2002-2003 Agricultural and forestry machinery and mechanical;
- 2003-2004, Energy and Environment Systems;
- 2014-now, Forestry Mechanic and mechanization;
- 2003-2010, Wood Technology and Forestry Uses;
- 2009-2010, Energy applied to agriculture.
- 2012-2013, Biomass for energy use
- 2014-now Woody biomass processing


Teachers College Graduate
Since 2003 he is member of the faculty of PhD "Crop production and environment."
Since 2015 he is member of the faculty of PhD "Agricultural, Food and Environment Science"


Participation in research projects
1. Tecnomarche: (1997-2001) "Research on mechanical harvesting of sugar beet", sub-ministerial project, in collaboration with New Maipo, Rimeco, Meccano
2. Tecnomarche: (1997-2001) "Research on mechanical harvesting of olives, sub-ministerial project, in cooperation with New Maipo, Rimeco, Meccano;
3. Altener II (1999-2001): "Regular R.E.S. Courses for European Agricultural Engineers;
4. MURST 40% (2000-2001): "Optimization of innovative devices for sorting fruit and vegetables for the purpose of commercial exploitation on the basis of their;
5. BIONORM I (2002-2004): Pre-Normative Work on Sampling and Testing of Solid Biofuels for the Development of Quality ", in collaboration with CTI - prof. Giovanni Riva
6. PRIN (2004-2006): "Study of the production of biomass energy in Italy";
7. WOODLAND ENERGY (PROBIO 2004 -): "Study for promotion of dies for the energy recovery from residual products of agroforestry"
8. PROBIO (2003-2005): "Oil Sunflower energy, national biofuels program“
9. CIPE 17/2003 (2005-2006): "Promoting the use of residual forest biomass as a system for the environmental protection, energy conservation and promoting the economy of rural
10. BETTER (2006-2008): "Biofuel chain Enhancement for Territorial Development of European regions"
11. CIPE 27/2004 (2007 - present): Research for energy-environmental AERCA Ancona-Falconara and Esino area;
12. BIONORM II (2007 - present): "Pre-normative research on solid biofuels for European standards";
13. EXTRAVALORE (2011-13): Valorizzazione dei sottoprodotti della filiera del biodiesel


Since 1999, Dr. Toscano has become part of all projects financed by the Fund of the University .
In addition, Dr. Toscano is scientific director of the LR 37/99 - three-year project - High-oleic sunflower (years 2007 – 2009).


Development of Laboratorio Biomasse (Biomasslab -

Dr. Toscano has directed the initiation, development and organization of a research facility, the biomass lab, which is currently the coordinator, focused on the activity of: a laboratory
for chemical-physical analysis of the behavior of liquid biofuels and solid mechanics workshop to support lines of experimentation inherent in the use of biomass for energy use.


Research agreement
Dr. Toscano has established several collaborative relationships with companies in the biomass sector for research activity. Main companies: Enelgreen power, Cofely-Engie, SAIPEM,
Dister energia, SPER S.p.A., Zignago Power, San Marco Bioenergie.


Foundation of academic spin-off SIBE Ltd.
From 2007 to 2013 Dr. Toscano has been involved in the formation of a spin-off: the SIBE Ltd. (Innovative Biomass Energy Systems), working in the field of renewable energy. The
Company performs a series of activities gained experience and research studies developed in previous years as part of biomass for energy use.
Contact Technical IAFR
Dr. Toscano has been named technical reference for the qualification of 4 IAFR energy plant energized by vegetable oil.


Activity in Technical Committee (CT) at the Italian Thermotecnical Committee
- Coordinator of the CT 282 - Solid biofuel
- Member of CT 283: energy from waste
- Member of CT 285: bioliquid for energy use
- Member of CT 292: Biomass sustainability criteria
- member og Working Group GC905 "Vegetable oils and fats and animal products and their derivatives for the definition of the standard on quality characteristics of vegetable oils and
animal fats for energy use.


Research Award of the academic year 2002-2003 as the best researcher of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ancona.


Since 2000, AIIA members, the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering.


Biomass and bioenergy, Fuel, Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research, Applied Energy

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