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How to access: STUDENTS

Link to the new service:

username to enter entirely:

password: the same for the "area riservata"


Documentation for the new service:



The old service is available exclusively in read only version through a web browser, entering the "area riservata" from the University portal or through the following address .

For the authentication, the same username and password of the "area riservata" are to be used.



To report any problem, please contact
Ce.S.M.I. - Centro Servizi Multimediali e Informatici


E@mail for faculty members

The service for all faculty members (professors, technical-administrative staff, doctoral researchers) can be accessed via an email client and guarantees the confidentiality of the data transmitted and antivirus protection.

In case of external access to the University, it is possible to use the web browser (on-line access to the service)


Email address of the faculty members can be found here.




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