Job Placement

Job Placement is a structure designated for helping students and graduates in the working world.


A series of services for fostering the work demand/offer are available to students, graduates, and firms.


In particular, it takes care of:

  • managing an IT platform for the work demand/offer addressed to students and graduates of the university;
  • organizing events like company presentations, meeting, orienteering seminars;
  • contributing to the organization of events like Career Day and YFF;
  • coordinating the activities relative to internships, with the participation of other university's structures (non-curricular and framework agreements with faculties/departments, internships, dual-training, CRUI);
  • curing the legislative fullfilment related to intermediation activities of the working world;
  • managing internal and external communication, manraining contacts with stakeholders, offering consultancy about active work policies (internships and research).



contact businesses and consult job offers.






companies have the opportunity to identify the most suitable graduates for their necessities





Educational and carrer-oriented internships for a working experience after the studies



FIXO S&U Project

Training and innovation for School and University Employment - FIxO S&U 2011-2013



Educational apprenticeships and research

Extended to 30/06/2017 the call for financial help to businesses that hire with an apprenticeships contract



Ripartizione Relazioni con il Territorio

Job Placement

Università Politecnica delle Marche

Via Oberdan, 12 – 60121 ANCONA

tel. 071 220 2335




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