Internet services


Activating the service

All students enrolled on courses at the Università Politecnica delle Marche have access to internet services as soon as they have registered at the University.


It usually takes one day to activate the service from the date of registration,  that is to say from the time the Registrar’s Office receives the enrollment documents by mail (signed application form and receipt of payment for the first instalment of fees). Students who enroll via internet will be notified either by email or by accessing the portal with the personal credentials (user name and password) generated during the enrollment procedure.


Access codes

After enrollment (generally after 24 hours), the access codes that the student will have to use for internet services are generated automatically by the system as described below:


User name: Sxxxxxx where the string xxxxxx is the student’s registration number.

Password: tempggmm+ (where ggmm refers to the student’s day and month of birth and the symbol + is the last character to the right and completes the password).


On accessing the system for the first time the student has to change the temporary password, inserting a new one of at least 8 characters.


Access to the services

Services are accessed by clicking on the heading “Area Riservata” (Restricted Area), which can be found on every page of the site, and inserting the personal credentials, which are the access codes consisting of the user name and password.


After log-in a page will open with a list of all the available services.


Services available

The following services are available:

  • Consultation of academic record with the possibility to update some personal information  and to change the password;
  • Presentation of curriculum
  • Declaration for the calculation of the second instalment of fees.

Password recovery

The student’s password can be recovered automatically only if the student has indicated an alternative email address to the one provided by the University. The alternative address may have been registered either when applying to enroll at the university using the web procedure or at a later date when changing personal information.


To use the automatic password recovery procedure it is necessary to:

 -   insert the student’s tax code

-    insert the registered email address

-    if the details are correct the system sends an email with the new password to the registered email address. The new password must be changed on accessing the system for the first time.

If the student has not registered an alternative email address it is necessary to send a photocopy of an identity document via fax (0712202226) or email ( in order to regenerate a password, which must be changed on accessing the system for the first time.