UNIVPM has different libraries located in the various faculties:


• Technical, scientific and biomedical library   

• Economics faculty library

• Department/institute libraries.


Useful information about these facilities is available through the “Online Library”, where you can also find a database, a catalogue and some periodicals.




The Technical, Scientific and Biomedical library.

You need an ID card, a student’s personal record book or a library card to enter the library and borrow books. For further information, you should contact the library desk directly. Situated on the Technical and Scientific Campus (via Brecce Bianche), the library contains approximately 44,000 volumes and 3,000 periodicals. In addition to a card index there is also an online bibliographical research system. At present, the library is linked to the Host of ESA-IRS, which has its headquarters in Frascati and provides online information in every area of Science and Technology. It is also linked to the MEDLARS/ TOXNET system, which has its headquarters in Bethesda, providing medical and pharmaceutical information. The library also provides databases on CD-ROM (Comprehensive Medline Iconda) and floppy disk (Current Contents). There are departmental and institutional libraries with lending facilities affiliated to the main library. There are also photocopying facilities.


The Economics Faculty library.

Situated at Villarey, the library contains about 100,000 volumes and 2,000 periodicals. You need a magnetic card that allows Economics students to enter this library. Ask the library desk. The services provided are:

• Computerised index of books, periodicals, dissertations, and related publications by title, author, inventory reference, or editor. There are 6 network access points.

• Bibliographies and indexed material via interlibrary loan and periodical/article exchange with other national libraries via fax.

• Bibliographical research and database consultation (CD-ROM) on various topics.

• European Documentation Centre.   

• National and International Statistical Documentation.

• Economics and Social Relations (balance sheets, papers and reports on public and private, national and international agencies).

• ISP Bulletin, published every 2 weeks (Index of selected periodicals for the institutes and departments of the Faculty and for some national libraries and corporations).

• Reading and reproduction of periodicals (both current and non) from microfilm

• Tracing and acquisition of texts recommended or requested by students or graduates for specific purposes.