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Nome Azienda: Not Only Waves Srl


Anno di costituzione: 2009


Settore: Codice attività Atecori 2007   74.10.3 P


Attività: Development of microwave devices and subsystems. Design of customized measurement systems. Design, prototyping and test of microwave components.


Prodotti / Servizi: Development of microwave devices for several applications such as telecommunications and radars. Provision of   the mechanical dimensions of the synthesized device starting from the specification.

  Mechanical plots of the devices, ready for the CNC

  Provision of mechanical prototypes of single devices or complex systems.

Development of customizable software tools for:

- computer-aided tuning of filters and diplexers using vector network analysers

- recording and analysing DUT electrical performances (databases, statistical data, first-pass yield, process control, etc...)

- numeric control machine management

- resource allocations and efficiency analysis


Applicazioni: Telecommunication and radar systems. Monitoring.


Mercato di riferimento: Telecommunication, Space, Radar



NOW - Not only Waves S.r.l.

Indirizzo: Via Maratta, 12 Ancona

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