Cost of living

fruit market

Fruit market



Ancona is one of the most affordable towns inItaly. Experience shows that living and studying here costs approximately 500€-600€ a month, including accommodation, food, utility bills, transport, study costs (excluding tuition fees) and entertainment. However the cost of living will vary according to your lifestyle.


- Average cost for a single room: 200€

- Full meal in the university canteen: 4-7€

- Pizza Margherita: 4,50€

- Breakfast in a bar (croissant and cappuccino): 1,80€

- Bus ticket: 1,25€

- Single train ticket toRome: 14,95€

- Club Entrance: 10€

- Cinema ticket: 8€

- Beer in a pub: 3,50€



If you want to save money the markets are the place in which you can find bargains.

- The central market winds along Corso Mazzini and is open Tuesday to Saturday with a scaled down version open in the afternoons during certain periods.

- Still in the centre the fruit market (Piazza Erbe) is worthy of a visit. Here country vendors arrive with their morning harvest.

- Piazza d'Armi, in the Piano zone has a market, particularly lively on Tuesdays and Fridays, but only open until midday.

-  A smaller market is held in via Maratta, in the Adriatic quarter, around the Sacred Heart Church. (Chiesa del Sacro Cuore)

There are periodic fairs, such as the San Ciriaco fair (around 4th May), the Antiques and Crafts Fair at the Rione Arches (3rd weekend in the month) and the Salotto in Fiore in piazza del Plebiscito (May and September).