Libraries and media centres

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• Community Library, Luciano Benincasa, Via Bernabei no.32, tel. 071 2225021 fax 071 2225020. Primarily history and humanity orientated with an audiovisual media centre.

• The Marche Deputation of National History, Piazza B.Stracca n. 3, tel. 071203511. History.

• Marchigiani Academy of Literary Science and Arts, Piazza B.Stracca no.1, tel. 071 203511

• Diocese Library, Via Birarelli no.18. Religion and History.

• State Archive Library, Via Maggini no. 80, tel. 07189412/3.

• Library of the Board of Archaeology, Piazza del Senato no. 2, tel. 071201608.

• Chamber of Commerce Library, Piazza xxiv Maggio no. 1, tel.07158981. Economics and Law.

• Library and Document Centre ISTAO (Adriano Olivetti Institute for the study of Economic and Corporate Management, Via delle Grazie no. 67, tel. 071 891927

• Marche Media Centre, Piazza del Plebiscito no.17, tel.071205403. Films, meetings and debates organised independently and in collaboration with cultural associations and clubs.