Recognition of foreign academic qualifications/exams


If you have an academic qualification obtained abroad, you can apply for its recognition. 

The Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences is the competent body in the field of recognition of foreign degrees and exams. Only in the presence of bilateral agreements establishing the equivalence between qualifications there is the issue of the corresponding Italian qualification.


If recognition of your academic qualification is partial, you can obtain the enrolment in a given year of degree program, based on the number of credits recognized. The total recognition of the qualification obtained abroad is not foreseen.



How to apply:

  • if you are a EU or non-EU with EU equivalent status student, you can submit the application to the Registrar’s Office
  • if you are a non-EU student with residency abroad, you can submit the application at the Italian Embassy of the competent territory (see rules in MIUR website)

Documents to be submitted with application

  You have to deliver:

  • original foreign high school qualification, translated and legalized by the Italian Embassy, complete with the declaration of value,
  • original foreign academic qualification, translated and legalized by the competent Italian Embassy complete with the declaration of value;
  • original certificate issued by the competent academic authorities listing the exams passed, translated and legalized by the competent Italian Embassy;
  • official syllabus of all the learning activities completed by the student in order to obtain the foreign academic qualification, with an official translation into Italian.