Post - graduate degree Humanitarian Logistics

Academic year 2019/2020


Admission Rule


To be admitted to the course in Humanitarian Logistics you need to have completed at least a three-year Bachelor Degree Course at an Italian University.

Foreign academic degrees 

All candidates with a degree obtained at a non-Italian University will need to have their qualification recognised by the Authorizing Committee, for the sole purpose of admission to the Course. The Authorizing Committee will be in charge of recognizing the foreign academic degree as equivalent in duration and content to the qualifications required. Candidates shall submit a copy of their degree certificate along with its translation, legalization and “declaration of value” issued by the Italian diplomatic representative offices in the countries where the university issuing the degree is located. Certifications from ENIC– NARIC centres will also be accepted, as well as the Diploma Supplement for EU-students.




The application for admission shall be submitted by 22 January, 2020 at 1 p.m. Please, follow the instructions below:                                                                                                                                                                       1) Fill in the on-line form in the Esse3 web-platform, following the instructions published on the webpage of the course. You will be asked to provide your contact email address. If you do not provide your contact email address, the registration procedure will not be considered valid. Once the application has been completed, applicants shall pay the first instalment of the registration fee, amounting to Euro 2.900. Payments shall be made exclusively via PagoPa or MAV.

2) Submission of application. The printed-out signed application form along with all the other required documents must be submitted to Ufficio Didattica e Diritto allo Studio, Via Oberdan 8, Ancona (opening hours at by 22 January 2020 in one of the following ways:  

 - by hand delivery;

- by certified e-mail to The application shall be sent, along with a copy of the applicant’s ID card or passport, from another certified email address. Applications sent from a non-certified e-mail address will not be considered valid;

- by post. Please, note that the postmark will not be considered as evidence of on-time mailing.

Applicants must attach:

  • their signed and dated résumé
  • scientific publications
  • documents proving the applicants’ experiences in activities closely related to the course subjects
  • copies of any other certificates or qualifications which the Board may consider relevant for the admission.
  • Copy of a valid identity document

Candidates with a degree obtained in a non-Italian university will have to apply through the online procedure, print out the application and send it along with the required documents. However, they must not pay the fee before they are notified that their admission to the course has been approved by the Authorising Committee. The application fee must be paid within three days after they have received via email the above-mentioned approval from the Ufficio Didattica e Diritto allo Studio.

Candidates with a degree obtained in a non-Italian university must send their application along with their degree certificate and its translation in Italian, legalization and declaration of value issued by one of the Italian diplomatic representative offices located in the country governing the university that issued the degree certificate or any of the other documents written in art. 4


Schedule of lessons


The course will start in January 2020 and will take place at UNIVPM and at the premises of UNIVPM partners (Civil Protection Department, Red Cross and WFP).

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday (except for an intensive week of simulations at the Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) in Brindisi).

The traineeship period will start in mid-July and will finish in mid-October.

Attendance at classes and seminars is mandatory; absences must not exceed 25% of the total class time. Attendance at traineeship activities is mandatory; absences must not exceed 25% of the total traineeship time.


Admission and forms


Ufficio Didattica e Diritto allo Studio

Master e Corsi di perfezionamento

Via Oberdan 8  - Ancona

Tel: +39 071 220 2306 

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