Students with disabilities

Guide for the university programme

+ - Choosing your study course

The University made available an orientation service that helps students in choosing their courses.

The office for the orientation service is the Ripartizione Relazioni Esterne at the first floor of the Rectorate, Piazza Roma 22, Ancona; it also organises all the orientaiton activities in the university.

For a more specific approach, the student can contact the Rector's Delegate for students with disabilities under the Law 17/99, prof. Gianfranco Romanazzi, professor of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Enviromental Sciences - D3A, Via Brecce Bianche 10 - 60131 Ancona (Tel 071 220 4336 - email, who can help student in the choice of the most suitable course trough individual interviews and assessing the accessibility of all initiatives related to the chosen course, in facing any difficulties and designing appropriate solutions.
The student can also contact the Faculty representatives, who will help solving all the problems concerning the didactics.


+ - How to reach the faculty

The faculties of the Università Politecnica delle Marche are located in different campuses:


Faculties of Agriculture, Engineering and Sciences - Monte Dago Centre  

Faculty of Economics ''G. Fuà'' - Economics  

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - Torrette Centre 


The Università Politecnica delle Marche has set up an agreement with the ATMA and Conerobus agencies, so that students can use the bus service with a discounted fee.

In addition, students with disabilities who choose to enroll at our university can ask for the activation of the transport service with an equipped vehicle.


+ - How to move around the faculties

You can  check maps of the faculties   to reach the various educational facilities within the Faculties, such as the Registrar's Office, the reception point, the library, the classrooms where the courses will take place.

+ - How to enroll - secretarial burocracy

In the Università Politecnica delle Marche there are Open Access University Courses with knowledge test or Numerus Clausus University courses with admission test(Degree in Architecture and Building Engineering, all courses of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery)

The student can obtain benefits by request, such as use any technological support, to take knowledge or admission tests for the numerus clausus courses on the basis of their disability declared on submission of application to access the test.

After the test, the matriculation  must be made through the online registration process , however this step must be follow by the completion of the administrative position  with the application paper and the certification of their disability.

All information can be found in  the website Studenti inside each secretarial students (segreteria studenti )

At the Students Office a service information point is active and will also help to identify the spaces available to students within each Faculty.

+ - Financial Aid

Here are the benefits on taxes and contributions according to the percentage of disability. The information can be found during the period of registration at the Ripartizione Organizzazione didattica e diritto allo studio in via Oberdan 12, Ancona. Concerning the information on scholarships and the opportunity to enjoy free housing, the procedure is treated by ERSU Ente Regionale Studi Univeristari di Ancona, in Via Saffi 22. Approximately such benefits have to be requested from July to August.

+ - Specific aids services

Specific aids services have to be asked with an application form addressed to Magnifico Rettore to be sent to:

Ripartizione Organizzazione didattica e diritto allo studio sita in

Via Oberdan 12, Ancona.

Check the information on the page Services of the disable students