The University Language Centre (CSAL)


The University Language Centre (CSAL) is a point of reference for all foreign language studies. Our experienced language teachers will guide you in your preparation for the curricular language tests on your course syllabus. They will also assist you in developing the skills you need to pass internationally recognized language exams.


Each year the Language Centre organizes seminars and classes as well as a language consultancy service for English, French, German and Spanish.


The Language Centre also welcomes international students and professors, providing Italian language classes which help our visitors to understand lectures and to get involved in the life of the University. Various courses (beginners, intermediate, advanced) are organized each year in both the first and the second semester to satisfy the students’ different needs.


The CSAL has two self-study centres, one at the Faculty of Economics, in the centre of Ancona (open from Monday to Friday 8.30 -18.30) and the other on the Montedago Campus, at the Faculty of Engineering (open from Monday to Friday 9.00 -19.00). The self-study centres are open to UNIVPM students and staff who wish to improve their language skills in a quiet and relaxing environment.


For further information visit our website:


CSAL (The University Language Centre)

Piazzale Martelli

Phone +39 071 2207170

Fax  +39 071 2207169