UNIVPM Research Database

Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)


As part of measures to promote the ability of the University to interact with the production system and the support for the transfer of the results of the research activities, also through the promotion of innovative services that faclitate the confluence of technological, financial, and market advising and the provision of such services, a web-based informative system accessible online is available on the skills and researches at UNIVPM.
The service offers the possibility to query the database about competences and activities that UNIVPM presents and developes.


Once selected the Research structure or, alternatively, insert the term or topic of the research, th results are shown according to the following classifications:

- Research Structures: lists all the research structures (departments and Institutes) that have in their projects and/or in their research groups the term inserted;

- Research Projects: lists all the research projects carried on and/or concluded that present in their scientific field the term inserted;

- Professors: lists all professors and researchers that present in their description of their working field the trm inserted.


Industrial Liaison Office
Innovation and Technology Transfer Service
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e-mail: trasferimento.tecnologico@univpm.it