Housing Anywhere, the best student housing platform!

Dear Housing Anywhere users,

Since 2009 Housing Anywhere has been a leading international student housing platform that in the past years has substantially grown. Not only in size but also in the quality of the service we provide. This time it was proven, exactly by you - our users.

This November we gained the trust and support from 20000 people who liked us on Facebook. Reaching this milestone gave us a big boost to provide even better services than anytime before. For this reason, we decide to give you something in return!

First of all, our team has put an extra effort to offer you even more rooms than usual. At the moment, we offer you more than 40000 rooms!
Secondly, we are proud to announce our new partnership with ESN Marseille. If you are going on exchange to Marseille, get in touch with them on  http://marseille.ixesn.fr and get the best out of your semester!
Furthermore, since we are addressing a crowd as big as 20000 people, we have improved production of content on our social media channels. The main development is our blog, that is a becoming a perfect guide for all the international students, providing university city tips and selections of the best university programs from all round the globe.

Last but not least, Housing Anywhere is hiring! Due to our rapid expansion, we are always on the lookout for fresh strengths. Make sure to check our job openings, because you just might find something interesting for you!

Thank you for your trust and we wish you all the best in your studies!

Your Housing Anywhere Team