Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the next European Commission's Research and Innovation Framework Program which will cover the period 2021-2027, and will be the "heir" of Horizon 2020.


On June, the European Commission presented the first formal proposal for Horizon Europe, whose structure is divided into 3 pillars and 1 transversal program.


Horizon Europe

The proposals for Horizon Europe were made on the basis of the mid-term evaluation report of Horizon 2020 and the consultations and indications of working groups to which also Italian universities participated. The Italian Ministry of Research and University (MIUR), through a survey-questionnaire, has acquired the opinion of those who have actively worked in H2020, in order to summarize the Documento in formato Adobe Acrobatnational shared position presented at the European discussion tables concerning Horizon Europe. Also, LERU - League of European Research Universities - produced Documento in formato Adobe Acrobata document summarizing its position and expectations for Horizon Europe.


The next framework program will be characterized - as stated by the report of Prof. Mazzucato - by a mission-oriented approach, and the novelty of Horizon Europe will be the introduction of a limited number of "Missions", ambitious, but feasible, objectives to be reached within a defined time and with a given budget. These are multidisciplinary and multi-sector research initiatives, to be carried out in collaboration with academia, industry, civil society and the public sector, and aimed at achieving priority objectives for the development of society. The other novelty of Horizon Europe is the European Innovation Council (EIC) which can be described as a strategic initiative in support of breakthrough innovation, reframing existing instruments.

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A European Manifesto asking for more funds for Research and Innovation in Horizon Europe can be endorsed, eventually at individual basis