Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering And Architecture

Academic Year 2021-2022


Ongoing Cycles: XXXV (A.A. 19/22), XXXVI (A.A. 20/23) and XXXVII (A.A. 21/24)

Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Fatone

Department : Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture


1. Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering and Architecture

2. Integrated Facility Engineering and Resilient Environments

Branch: Ancona




The main objective of this doctoral program is to enable students to gain good scientific investigational skills, a deeper understanding of the scientific approach to research, and the ability to respond to cultural and technological challenges, in compliance with the laws in force. This objective will be reached through the study of specific topics. In particular, the course aims to:

• provide initial preparatory training sessions that will help students - who will come from different academic backgrounds, i.e. Environmental and Civil Engineering and Building Engineering and Architecture - start the doctoral course having the same foundations;

• provide subsequent training in the basic disciplines of the research areas chosen.This objective can be reached by attending specific courses, which are organized by our or other Higher Education Institutions;

• encourage the development of research and advance training activities through the participation of the students in research projects promoted by Univpm Departments or other national or international Universities and research centres;

• develop students’ ability to carry out independent research and find solutions to research-related problems. In this regard, the development of state-of-the-art modeling techniques for innovative solutions is crucial;

• prepare doctoral students to write their thesis and encourage the creation of outstanding scientific works.


Admission requirements


Admission to PhD programs is regulated by a public competition.

To be considered for admissions, applicants must hold a specialization / master's degree or a prior-to-reform master's degree (predating ministerial decree 509/99) or an appropriate qualification obtained from a foreign university, or expect to hold a master's degree by 31 October of the year of publication of the call.


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