Students with disabilities


The services provided by our university are:
+ - Service of collaboration with Part-time students

This service, which takes advantage of students who under the law 390/91 may undertake within the structures for a total of 150 hours per year, intends to:
● assist students, especially in the delicate phase of transition between high school and university, find a study method that allows them to effectively deal with the university course on their own
● help students take notes or prepare them in case of inability of the student to attend the lecture
● record if necessary classes that the student can not attend in person
● administrative assistance, such as: support for activities in the library, finding books, photocopies, etc. unwinding of recorded lectures.

+ - Transport with equipped vehicles

Thanks to the Service of Transport with equipped vehicles to the various faculties, students with disabilities can reach on their own all the university structures.

This service is provided within the city limits of  the University with continuity and with the help of equipped vehicles, from the student's house or from the train station to the different faculties. This service is intended primarily for students with physical disabilities. The service is also active on Saturdays and Sundays for transportation to the university canteen.

+ - Computer and Technical Aids

Allowing and facilitating the access to university education means making accessible the normal information resources. Also the disabled student must have the chance to use computers to write a report or thesys, to do library research, to communicate with other students or teachers via e-mail and to view texts or hyper-texts in electronic format.
Inside the University students with disabilities can find or apply for available workplace with computer aids and technological aids.
In addition inside the CeSMI (center of multimedia and informatics services) the disabled student can also ask for help of the internal staff who will help him in searching for computer aids which are the most appropriate or to be guided in the use of existing ones to support their needs.
Disabled students  can also take loan to use the aids they need for the duration of their degree course. Interested students are reminded that the devices must be returned to the Università-Servizio Didattica at the conclusion of their school career.

+ - Open exams sessions

The student has the opportunity to do the entrance test and equivalent examination and /or extension of time of examination, in relation to the needs of the individual and the training project designed, to be agreed with professors and with the welcome service mentioned above.

+ - International Mobility

The university and/or European programs allow you to have short and long periods in a foreign university, with educational and cultural purposes.


The request must be made to the External Relations Division whose staff will facilitate the processing and will guide in choosing the right program.

Visit the page of International Mobility

+ - Demolition of architectural barriers

Some work has already been made, others are under construction and planning. However, whenever the students must indicate specific problems with this form (443 KB).

+ - Reservation of rooms - accommodation (non resident students)

The request must be made directly with the ERSU, Via Saffi 22, Ancona

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+ - Make the request to use the services