The University reform

Legislative Decree 270/2004

The reform aims at redesigning first and second level study courses, introducing further changes to degree classes, denomination of the courses and academic qualifications.


The main changes introduced are the following:

 - boosting the independence of universities in defining its educational offer, by reducing the number of credits (CFU) bounded at a national level;
 - separating the undergraduate courses to the master degree, being the latter composed by 120 credits, without considering the 180 credits of the preceding undergraduate. In educational systems of master degree courses, admission requirements are specified, provided the possession of the undergraduate degree;
- obligation of a common path for all students of the same study courses of the same area or, at least, for homogeneous groups for a total of 60 credits;
- possibility of differetiation among more profezionalizating courses and courses mainly directed to general and methodological orientation.
- the maximum number for undergraduate courses is 20 and 12 for master degree courses, notwithstanding the possibility of taking Foreign languages and IT knowledge qualifiying examinations.