Post graduation with UNIVPM


Here you will find all services and information to continue your studies after graduation or to become familiar with the world of work.


+ - Post graduation


  • Master Programmes
    It gives the possibility to increase your knowledge after the three-year undergraduate (I level Master) or after graduate school (II level Master). Usually, a master lasts one year and involves one or more internships to partner firms or agencies. For graduating, you need to obtain 60 credits.
  •   PhD courses
    This is the three-year third level of university education and it aims to a specific education for carrying reseach activities. The requirement is the completion of the second level of university education master degree.
  • Proficiency Courses
    Course of scientific refresher to improve your knowledge and professionality. The university can also promote courses in collaboration with other istitutions and bodies.

  • Single Courses
    Single courses activated in study course with free access

+ - Jobs and Internships
+ - Services for you

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