Biomedical Sciences

Academic Year 2020-2021


Ongoing Cycles: XXXIV (A.A. 18/21), XXXV (A.A. 19/22) and XXXVI (A.A. 20/23)

Coordinator: Prof. Carlo Catassi

Department: Odontostomatologic and Specialized Clinical Sciences

Curriculum: not provided

Branch: Ancona




The PhD course in Biomedical Sciences is aimed to train young and high-profile researchers to develop the cultural and methodological background needed to lead a program of scientific research and to be able to plan, coordinate and perform biological and biomedical research applied to the course topics.

Training activity include the ability to (a) interpret the scientific results, (b) write a scientific paper to be published on an international scientific journal and (c) present the data in an international scientific meeting.

The PhD is a 3-year course and includes the mandatory participation to 10 seminars/year. The seminars are chosen by the PhD students based on their personal interest and seminars content. Seminars are held on specific course-related issues by professors and assistant professors of the teachers’ board.

PhD students are encouraged to perform stages (from 6 to 12 months) in laboratories of qualified  international universities and other public or private research institutions, within the context of the experimental activities performed for preparing their doctoral thesis.


Admission requirements


Admission to PhD programs is regulated by a public competition.

To be considered for admissions, applicants must hold a specialization / master's degree or a prior-to-reform master's degree (predating ministerial decree 509/99) or an appropriate qualification obtained from a foreign university, or expect to hold a master's degree by 31 October of the year of publication of the call.


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