How to access: STUDENTS

Link to the new service:

username to enter entirely:

password: the same for the "area riservata"


Documentation for the new service:


E@mail security

How to access: FACULTY MEMBERS


The new email service, for those who activated it, is accessible from a client already set up and via web at:

Use as username for faculty members: and as password: the same for University/Esse3/AD

The instructions are available on this link:


The advantages of the new service:


>> - 1TB Sky drive


>> - 50Gb mailbox


>> - Imap Protocol


>> - 5 Office licences for whatever platform Mac/Android/Windows ecc.


>> - Skype professional


>> - New applications, such as Office, can be used directly online on-line


The old service for professors and TA staff is accessible through email client.

In case of external access of the old service you can still use the following link (on-line access to the service)


The email addresses of the faculty members can be consulted here.