Management and Law

Academic Year 2020-2021


Ongoing Cycles: XXXIV (A.A. 18/21), XXXV (A.A. 19/22) and XXXVI (A.A. 20/23)

Coordinator: Prof.ssa Caterina Lucarelli

Department: Management


1.Business Economics and Management
2. Economic Law

Branch: Ancona




The Ph.D. program in Management and Law includes two curricula. The course aims to provide a deeper insight in business and law, by means of an interdisciplinary approach in the first year and the study of more specific subjects in the following years. The curriculum in Business Administration provides students with the tools and skills required for research career in business disciplines, thus enabling them to participate in the international scientific debate among experts. The program offers students the opportunity to develop skills and competencies relevant to today’s globalized business world, preparing them for corporate leadership positions.

The Curriculum in Law and Economics focuses on the economic phenomena in the perspective of the legal system and the values underlying it. It seeks to prepare PhD candidates for academic research and critical analysis, providing the conceptual instruments and cross-disciplinary knowledge that may support them in their academic activities, as well as in professional situations in economic and legal areas where leadership and specialization are required.


Admission requirements


Admission to PhD programs is regulated by a public competition.

To be considered for admissions, applicants must hold a specialization / master's degree or a prior-to-reform master's degree (predating ministerial decree 509/99) or an appropriate qualification obtained from a foreign university, or expect to hold a master's degree by 31 October of the year of publication of the call.


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