Academic Year 2019-2020


Level: First

Edicational area: Engineering
Coordinator: Maurizio Bevilacqua

Seat: Ancona

Cost: € 5.900

Deadline  13.00 hours on 26 october 2020. 


Educational objectives

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The course in Humanitarian Logistics aims to prepare students who plan to work in the field of humanitarian logistics, development and emergency response.

The course is intended for graduates wishing to pursue a humanitarian career, and professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and experience. It integrates science into practical professional schemes by means of innovative learning approaches.


At the end of the course, students will be equipped with the necessary skills to meet promptly and effectively the ever-growing demand of development- and emergency-based organisations for skilled and trained humanitarian workers.                                              



Admission requirements



To be admitted to the course in Humanitarian Logistics you need to have completed at least a three-year Bachelor Degree Course at an Italian University.

Foreign academic degrees 

All candidates with a degree obtained at a non-Italian University will need to have their qualification recognised by the Authorizing Committee, for the sole purpose of admission to the Course. The Authorizing Committee will be in charge of recognizing the foreign academic degree as equivalent in duration and content to the qualifications required. Candidates shall submit a copy of their degree certificate along with its translation, legalization and “declaration of value” issued by the Italian diplomatic representative offices in the countries where the university issuing the degree is located. Certifications from ENIC– NARIC centres will also be accepted, as well as the Diploma Supplement for EU-students.



Norme di ammissione

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