Bin, Cina




Hi everybody, my name is MA BIN and I come from China. I enrolled at the Università Politecnica delle Marche to the undergraduate program Mechanical Engineering.


In March 2010, I arrived in Ancona with the plane, and from that moment began my study experience abroad.

At first I lived in a small town in the Marche region which is called Sarnano to learn Italian. After a couple of months I was officially registered at the University.


To study in Italian at the beginning was not easy; during the first year I had a lot of language problems, I couldn't understand the lessons and I couldn't even take good notes, but with the help of the friends I met here and the kindness of the professors I improved a lot and this allowed me to support all the first year exams.


Ancona is the capital of the Marche region, is a very quiet and safe, you can define it as a university city, which during the school year is full of students.

In the city the cost of living is not high, I can maintain by my own through the ERSU  scholarship that I won and by a part time job that I have at the university.


Here I met many friends with the whom we hang out often and study together, in short life goes well and I can get a little free time though I am ok with the exams. I'm glad I choose this city to study and live.


I attend Mechanical Engineering at the headquarters of the Scientific Monte Dago. The course is well structured and in every branch of mechanics there is a specific department with modern laboratories and facilities.


The teachers are good and always available to help students and solve their problems. Now I'm preparing my thesis, and I think that soon I'm going to get my bachelor's degree.


I think that the experience of studying at the UNIVPM will bring me a beautiful future.