Klaudja, Albania




My name is Klaudia and I’m from Albania.  I had always wanted to study in Italy and now my dream has come true.

I’ve always been fascinated by Italy and  a lot of people in my country have friends and relatives here.

When I came to Italy for the first time I got the ferry from Durrës, but it’s not very convenient as it takes more than 20 hours to get to Ancona, especially in the winter because the sea is often rough. Now when I go back to my country I travel by plane.

When I first arrived I stayed in a student hostel which is a good alternative for students like me who have a low income.

At the start I had some problems with the language but I soon improved thanks to the lectures in Italian and the Italian friends I made.

It was difficult to fit in at the beginning, but I soon met a lot of friendly students who have helped me to feel at home.

I’ve even been able to find a job to cover some expenses so I’m fairly independent.


Ancona is a quiet and safe town and the University is well-organised with quality services and well-equipped laboratories.

When you go through the main entrance of my Faculty you find yourself in a beautiful grassy courtyard. Students really like this as when they have a break they can stay outdoors and chat.

The professors are always willing to help you if you have any problems.


I attend the Faculty of Economics. I’ve already graduated with a first level degree in Economics and Finance and now I’m studying for a Master’s in “Finance, Banking and Insurance”.

I really recommend this experience which will certainly allow me to improve my lifestyle!