Measuring S3: theory and practice

Workshop on Smart Specialization Strategy

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One of the main novelties of the Smart Specialization Strategy is the introduction of an on-going monitoring activity aimed at evaluating the actual realization of the planned actions and their results.

This evaluation may lead to a reconsideration of S3 goals and/or the means to achieve them.
The main aim of S3 is the increase of employment and income.

However, the effectiveness in reaching these targets can be evaluated only in the long run. For the monitoring of the S3, it is necessary to identify a set of indicators that allow the on-going evaluation of its effectiveness.
Moreover, these indicators should be mainly quantitative so as to measure to what extent S3 goals have been effectively achieved.
Aims The main aim of the workshop is to discuss the methodology adopted by regions for the monitoring of theS3. Specific emphasis is given to methodologies that allow for a quantification and measurement of S3 implementation and results. The workshop addresses both the theoretical underpinnings of such methodologies and the problems arising from its practical implementation.
Participants Scholars interested in the design and evaluation of innovation policy National and regional officials involved in the design and implementation of the S3

Aula Contamination Lab
15-16 marzo 2018
a cura di

Università Politecnica delle Marche


Centro di Ricerca per l'Innovazione e l'Imprenditorialità

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Fondazione Aristide Merloni

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