Yemi, Nigeria




It 'a great honor for me to write about my experience in UNIVPM.


My name is Yemi and I am from Nigeria. I enrolled at the Polytechnic University of Marche to the Bachelor of Economics and Management, which was one of  the courses that I  had in mind to study.


Learning the Italian language was not easy at the beginning, the first year when I arrived in Italy, because I had to go to college, but thanks to some friends and the school of Italian language I pulled through and I was then able to start the university.

Ancona can be defined as a university town, during the school season is filled with students.


When I started college I lived in the student housing provided by ERSU (an organization that provides students with residents 'off-site', Lodging, Dining options at university canteen, transport and scholarships).


I also managed to find a job through the various job advertisements published by the University through which I keep myself financially.

My opinion on the Polytechnic University of Marche, is that the university is well organized and well equipped, allows students to study in a very quiet place and this allows for the concentration needed for the study.


During the lessons I spent a wonderful time with gregarious classmate and with the teachers that were very friendly and competent ,in which I could always count on the staff within the Faculty.


During breaks between classes usually meet for a chat and a cup of coffee out of the classroom where there is a courtyard with a beautiful lawn.

Am in my final year preparing my final exams, so very soon I will be getting my bachelor's degree in Economics and Management.

I believe that this experience of studying at the UNIVPM will bring a bright future, so recommend it to all my friends and also to those people who intend to study abroad.