Portal Accessibility

Accessibility requirements of the portal

 CNIPA accessibility label

The National Centre for the Information Technology in Public Administration (CNIPA) operates within the Presidency of the Council for the implementation of the policies of the Minister for the Innovation and Technology. It unifies in itself two existing organizations: the Authority for Information Technology in Public Administration (AIPA) and the Technical Centre for the R.U.P.A.


The primary objective of the CNIPA is to support the public administration to effectively use information technology to improve service quality and reduce the administrative costs. Within the CNIPA are instituted the various working groups one of which deals with the preparation of the websites and especially of their accessibility to information, especially to ensure the overcoming of technological barriers that now limit the disadvantaged, particularly people with disabilities, in the use of online services. For this reason CNIPA made a procedure that handles the display of the logo on the accessibility of government websites following the successful passing of testing under the Ministerial Decree of July 8, 2005.


The portal of the Università Politecnica delle Marche was subjected to the procedure of verification that was successful, so that exceeding the requirement of accessibility for the site according to the Article 8 of the DPR 1 marzo 2005, n.75