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Not only "5 per mille"!


Who we are

We are a young university, with a professional teaching staff and close to the students for all necessities.


A modern didactic structure, equipped with sophisticated tools and wide spaces dedicated to laboratories, sophisticated tools, and functional multimedia classrooms.


5 study courses: Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Medicine, and Sciences.



Why donating

Donating to Univpm means contributing to the growth of knowledge and education.


Donating to Univpm is not only a generous act, but it's also a consciousness act: thanks to your contribution, you may feel the promotors of a future made of progress and development, essential elements for the growth of a country.


Contribute to our project to create a society with more space for research and a better future for our students.


Donations to the university are deductable


How to donate

Interested individuals propose the didactic-scientific structure or a free payment, or a donation of modest economic value or else a contribution of goods available for free, determining, depending on the cases, the total amount or the value of offered equipment.



Donate now!

For further information about donation, please contact:

Servizio Affari Generali, Istituzionali e Legali

Unità di Coordinamento Affari Generali

tel.:  +39 071 2202333

fax:  +39 071 2202230