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Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)


The Industrial Liaison Office of the Università Politecnica delle Marche - Innovation and Technology Transfer Service - was established in May 2005 as part of actions aimed to strengthen the cooperation between research structures and territorial production system and improve the research programs of the University, with a high index of innovation through:

  •  improvement in quantity and quality of the technological offer;
  •  the strengthening of the services offered to researchers and companies;
  • the development of greater collaboration between academia and enterprises, including through the identification of technology clusters;
  • greater visibility and support to new ventures which take origin from the research of the University.


The Innovation and Technology Transfer Service provides information, advice and support in terms of patenting, marketing and sale of patent rights and licensing agreements, industrial.

It Applies a constant monitoring of patents and innovations made subject to patenting.



It supports the development of entrepreneurial projects through assistance and advice in the creation of spin offs and the formulation of business plans for spin-off new initiatives. It Produces conferences and workshops on the protection and enhancement of intellectual property and in terms of exploitation of research through the creation of spin-offs.



In order to facilitate the identification of the skills, resources and research activities of the University, the Service Innovation and Technology Transfer has developed the Research Database, an information system dedicated and accessible online.


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Industrial Liaison Office
Innovation and Technology Transfer Service
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