+ - What is the selection process for Phd programs like?

Applications will be selected for admission by qualifications and interview. 

+ - What are the entry requirements for PhD programs?

All applicants must have completed, by the deadline set in the call, a Master's degree programme in an Italian university, according to the Italian university system in force before or after the Italian Ministerial Decree 509/1999, or an equivalent post-graduate degree programme in a non-Italian university.

+ - If I graduate in October 2020, can I apply by July, 2?

Yes. However, if you application is considered for eligibility, your admission to the PhD programme will still be dependent on your graduation, which must not be later than October, 31.

+ - How do I need to apply?

Applications and all the necessary supporting documents must be submitted online, according to the instructions and by the deadline provided in the call. 

+ - Which PhD programs could I apply for with my (Italian or non-Italian) Master's degree?


+ - I have taken a non-Italian qualification. Which calls can I apply for?

You can apply for ordinary positions as well as for the ones reserved to applicants holding a non-Italian Master's degree. If you apply for both, the application fee must be paid twice.

+ - I graduated from a non-Italian university: which documents do I need to include in the application?

You need to include your degree certificate along with a transcript giving full details of the subjects studied and marks obtained. Please, include an official, certified translation and "declaration of value" issued by the Italian Consulate or Embassy of the country which awarded your degree; if you do not have the above-mentioned documents, you will need to provide documentary evidence thereof by submitting them upon the application procedure (degree certificate with transcript of records or a description of the degree program with the list of the exams taken, etc.)

+ - What are the documents I need to upload to support my application?

You can upload any documents you deem relevant for your admission. 

+ - I am a research grant holder. Can I apply for PhD?

Yes. However, because PhD scholarships cannot be combined with research grants, you will have to relinquish either one.

+ - What qualifications do I need to include in my application?

You need to include all the qualifications that can considered relevant for your admission. 

+ - Is it possible not to include one's qualifications?

Yes. But, it is highly recommended that you include them, because they undergo assessment. The assessment of qualifications is particularly important for the admission to the PhD programme in "Scienze della vita e dell'ambiente" where applicants need to reach a minimum score of 15 out of 30 in qualifications.

+ - Do I need to submit my own research proposal if required in Attachment A?

Research proposals are among the documents that will be assessed by the Examining Board. If you do not submit yours, the scores you would be awarded for it, will not be included in the final overall scores

+ - Can I pay the application fee through bank transfer?

You can, but only if the payment is processed from a non-Italian country. If you pay it in Italy, you need to pay through the PagoPA-system. 

+ - When do I need to pay the application fee?

Application fees must be paid by the deadline of the call 

+ - If I cannot attend the interview, will I be excluded from the selection?


+ - How are interviews scheduled?

The Examining Board will schedule the interviews on the day of the test

+ - Is there a maximum income above which applicants are no longer eligible for PhD scholarship?

No. But if your income is obtained from work-related activities, you need to ask the Academic Board to verify that your work activity is compatible with the attendance to the PhD programme.  

+ - When will courses start for those admitted to the PhD programs?

The courses start on November, 1, 2020

+ - How will the interviews take place?

Interviews will be held virtually via MS Teams.


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