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Muse theatre

Muse theatre






• Teatro delle muse (theatre), Piazza delle Muse Opera, music, drama, jazz,....

• Teatro Sperimentale (theatre), Via Redipuglia no.59.

• Teatro Pergolesi (theatre) of Jesi, Piazza della Repubblica no.19, Jesi. The Opera Season starts during the first half of October and ends with the beginning of the prosaic season

(from the end of November until April).

• Teatro Alfieri di Montemarciano (theatre), Via Umberto I, Montemarciano. Theatrical season from November to April.

• G.B.Pergolesi Musical Institute, Via Zappata no.1. Student discounts may be available. Ask at the ticket offices.





• Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana (Philarmonic Orchestra of the Marche Region), Via Aranci no.2.

Ancona Jazz. Ancona jazz festival in November and many other events during all the year..

• Many music festivals and concerts take place in Ancona in clubs, the sport hall, the stadium, squares and evocative locations such-as the old lighthouse (for example Adriatico Mediterraneo). It should be easy to find something of interest as most music genres are present. You should pay attention to poster in the streets, newspapers and booklets to get information.

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• Cinema Teatro Dorico (Cinema/Theatre), Via delle Grazie n.108, tel. 071 890290

• Cinema Teatro Galleria (Cinema/Theatre), Via Giannelli, tel. 071 56633

• Cinema Teatro Italia (Cinema/Theatre), Corso C. Alberto no.79, tel.071 2810262

Cinema Azzurro, via Tagliamento, 39, Tel. 071 3580395

Multi-Hall Goldoni, Via Montebello - tel. 071 2076797

Multisala UCI Cinema, Via Filonzi, 4 - tel. 071 2909149