Tips for Everyday Life

+ - Youth Hostel


When you arrive in Ancona, you might need accommodation for a few days while you look for somewhere to live. One cheap and comfortable option is the youth hostel located near the railway station and one of the main bus stops. You can book a place or get further information from the hostel web page:



Ostello per la Gioventù (Youth Hostel)

Via Lamaticci, 7 - Ancona

Phone: +39 071 42257

Fax: +39 071 0975540


+ - Healthcare, Pharmacies and Emergency Services



E.U. students must bring their Health Card with them.

All other students who wish to have access to healthcare services must go to one of the places mentioned below:


- Poliambulatorio Viale tel. 071 87051 - (opening hours: from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m., Monday-Saturday; from 3p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday)

- Poliambulatorio 2000 AN tel. 071 87051 - (opening hours: from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m., Monday-Saturday; from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday)


E.U. students just have to show their Health Card. If you buy medicine, remember to keep your receipt, so that you can get the money back in your own country.



There are about 30 pharmacies in the town.  Some are municipal pharmacies and are  called ‘comunali’. Three pharmacies are open on holidays. A night service is provided by the pharmacies in the Piano district and in the town centre: these are open for about two hours after normal closing times, after which time it is necessary to telephone or ring the door bell.. You need a prescription written by a doctor for certain types of medicines.


Emergency services

• Ambulance 118

• Fire brigade 115

• Police 113

+ - Shops


Shops are generally closed on Sundays, except during the Christmas period and on some special holidays.

The opening times (give or take an hour) and weekday closure vary depending on the type of shop and on the season.


Opening times are usually as follows:

Food shops: Mornings: 08h00 - 13h00; Afternoons: 16h30 - 19h30 (in summer time: 17h00 - 20h00). Some supermarkets are open all day long. Closed on Thursday afternoons.

Stationers, bookshops, ironmongers: Mornings: 08h45 - 12h30; Afternoons: 16h30 - 20h00. Mostly closed on Saturday afternoons, and some on Monday mornings.

Other Shops: Mornings: 08h45 - 12h45; Afternoons: 15h30 - 19h30 (in summer time: 16h00 - 20h00). Closed on Monday mornings.

+ - Banking


There are many different banks in Ancona, but the opening times are the same: open from Monday to Friday, mornings: 08h20 - 13h20; afternoons: 14h35 - 16h00.

If you decide to open a bank account, you should check the different banks because each one offers several types of bank accounts, with different service charges and different benefits. Compare the service packages offered before opening an account.

There are banks on line without banking costs.

Money can be changed in the banks.

+ - Post and Telephone Services


The Post Office (Ufficio Postale or Poste) offers various services: sending letters, telegrams, fax, money transfers, etc. Post Offices are usually open mornings only from Monday to Saturday, except the Main Post Office (Ufficio Postale Centrale) in Piazza XXIV Maggio and other large branches, which remain open until late afternoon. Stamps can also be bought at the Tobacconist’s (easily recognisable by the sign of a white T on a blue background). Letters can be posted in the red post boxes; there are usually two options, one for the town (Per la città) and the other for all other destinations (Per tutte le altre destinazioni).


The national phone network is not run by the Post Office, but by different companies. In some cafes and other public places it is possible to use the phone, paying at the end of the call for the units used. However, most public phones (phone boxes) are operated with magnetic phone cards, which are available at Post Offices, Tobacconists, Newsagents and automatic distributors. International phone cards are also available and in some cases it is possible to use coins.

Mobile phones: mobile phones are quite widespread in Italy. If you have a GSM phone it is advisable to bring it with you and just to buy a local SIM card here. Operating costs are reasonable and usually less expensive than having a phone at home (if not living here permanently) or using a phone booth.


International telephone calls:

To make an international call from Italy, dial:

1)The code for the country you are calling

2)The area code without the general prefix 0

3)The phone number


To make an international call to Italy, dial:

1)The code for Italy +39

2)The area code (for Ancona it is 071).

3)The phone number