Advanced Course


Advanced Course of Forensic Toxicology and Doping Control

Advanced Course at Medicine and Surgery Faculty

Students admitted: minimum 8 - maximum 40

Extended deadline: 10 February 2020, 1 PM

Admitted candidates




Admission requirements:

The following academic and professional qualifications are required:

Medicine and surgery single-cycle degree, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology single-cycle degree, Pharmacy single-cycle degree, Biology bachelor degree, Chemistry bachelor degree, Biotechnology bachelor degree awarded according to the Ministerial Decree 270/04 or previous order, Biomedical laboratory Techniques bachelor degree awarded according to the Ministerial Decree 270/04 or previous order, or Biomedical Laboratory Healthcare Technician university diploma (Decree of Health Minister 14.09.94 n. 745) or other diploma equivalent to university ones obtained according to previous laws included in laws 42/99 and 251/2000 in agreement with law 08/01/2002 n.1, or academic qualification awarded in foreign universities, whether considered equivalent to the Italian qualifications due to duration and content by the Organizing Committee with the exclusive purpose of admission to the Advanced Course.


Scope and purpose:

The Course aims to improve theoretical and practical knowledge of participants concerning Forensic Toxicology and doping control


Transferable skills:

On successful completion of this programme participants will be able to demonstrate:

  • Ability to communicate forensic information effectively in style appropriate to a variety of different audiences using different media;
  • Responsibility for one’s own work in independent tasks and as part of a team effort;
  • Ability to apply problem solving skills;
  • Numeracy skills required for successful experimental design and data interpretation;
  • Advanced use of computers for data analysis, retrieval of information and composition of reports;
  • Ability to communicate research results as posters or in oral presentation;
  • Effective interpersonal skills with particular reference to educational, cultural and religious diversity;
  • Ability to manage time appropriately, to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines;
  • Study skills for continued professional development.


Course duration:

The Course lasts one month (March 2020, from Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning) and it takes place during the University Academic Year 2019-2020


Eventual admission test:

The eventual admission test will take place in Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Polo Eustachio, Via Tronto, 10 Torrette, Ancona at 09:00 in 18/02/2020.

The eventual test will focus on general issues of forensic toxicology and English language test.


Admission procedure:

Before to proceed to the admission, candidates must read the admissions rules.

The admission procedure includes two mandatory steps written in Article 5 of Admission Rules



Taxes and contributions:

The amount of fees to pay for the subscription to the Advanced Course is € 500,00, including the insurance fee and the cost of the final certificate, except for the total cost of € 48,00 for 3 virtual “stamps” of € 16,00 each, to be paid by the student. These “stamps” are required to legally validate the application form, the final test admission to obtain a validated certificate, and the legal validation of the final certificate. Hence, the total amount of fees and contribution is € 548,00, to be paid as one-time payment to access to Advanced Course.

The total amount of € 548,00 shall be paid as a one-time payment exclusively by MAV form or by PagoPA on internet, before the deadline indicated in the Art. 8 - COMPLETION OF THE REGISTRATION of the Regulation for admission and in the notice extension deadline present below. In case of renounce of the candidate, the paid amount will not be refunded.






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