Contact List

Useful contacts for support and assistance of the University:

Help Desk online

For on-line registration problems, reservations, fees and admission contests, connect to Help Desk online giving your name, last name and your serial number (if you have it)

Orientation learning

Contacts about educational support, information to the ERASMUS, students should refer to the external relations division at

Opportunities abroad

For opportunities abroad for foreign students, write to


Student administration

For administrative information, on-line exams registration (only by Reserved Area), online plans of study , students should refer to exclusively on:

Taxes and benefits

For information on taxes and benefits, on-line procedure for exemption and disability taxes, write to

University Libraries

For problems of access to electronic resources that are part of the digital library: databases, electronic journals, please contact to Library Service

References for the Faculties

For information on the faculties of the university refer to the addresses on the page Faculties

References for the Departments

For information about university departments refer to the addresses contained in the page Departments

Problems in the departments sites

For technical problems of navigation and visualization of pages and information about sites that do not belong to the central site (not to, but sites such as faculties or departments), referring to the email address of the individual sites,or to

University quality system

For information on the quality management system, write to

Web Master

For technical problems, navigation and visualization of web pages, write to


Anti phishing - Security online

For recognize and defend against computer fraud contact


Network - Wi-fi - E-mail

For problems with network access, wi-fi or the messaging service, please contact

Certified E-mail - PEC

Certified E-mail address (PEC):  (Reserved only to PEC members)

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