Foreign Students Enrolment



Foreign students may enroll to study courses and international mobility programmes offered by UNIVPM.

Every year the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Researc set the rules regulating the access of non-EU students to Italian universitites on the website:

For more detailed information regarding the admission and enrollment procedures for foreign students you can contact the Registrar's Office of the Faculty you are interested in:


Non-EU citizens

NON-EU citizens residing abroad (requiring a Visa), who wish to enrol for any University degree programmes must sit an Italian language test to prove that they have a CEFR B2 level knowledge of Italian.

+ - Exemption from the italian language test

Exemption is granted to:

  1. Students who intend to enrol for a degree programme run entirely in English;
  2. Students holding a certificate which exempts them from the Italian Language Test and from the admission quotas set for non-EU citizens residing abroad, as specified in Part III of the current Ministerial Procedures (Paragraph 1.3 ) ;
  3. Students holding a certificate which exempts them from the Italian Language Test but not from the admissions quotas set for non-EU citizens, as specified in Part III of the current Ministerial Procedures (Paragraph 1.2 );
+ - Description of the italian language test

For the Academic Year 2019/2020 the Italian Language Test can be taken remotely or at the University.

  • Remote Italian Language Test: 30 August 2019 (approximate timetable: from 9.00 to 13.00 – from 14.00 – 18.00).

    The Test consists of a conversation organised in three parts:

    1. Introducing yourself;
    2. Reading and summarising a passage;
    3. Answering questions and discussing the content of the passage.

    In order to take part in the remote Italian Language Test candidates must fill in and send the application form(304 KB) to the following address il  by the 21st August, 13.00h at the latest. On the form you must indicate the Skype account that you can be contacted at for the test. You must also attach a copy of your passport. You must also have your passport with you on the day of the test and show it before the test starts.

    It will only be possible to accept 24 candidates for the remote test, so applications will be accepted in order of arrival.

    If the application arrives after the maximum capacity has been reached or if :

    • it is impossible to get a Skype connection at the time of the test;
    • the candidate is not available at the set time;
    • the candidate does not show his/her passport on the day of the test

    it will only be possible to take the test at the University.

  • Italian Language Test at the University: 2 September 2019.

    In order to take part in the test  you must pre-register at the Italian Embassy/Consulate of reference. Your application will then be sent to this University by the Embassy/Consulate.

    Test content: reading and listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises.

    Venue: Faculty of Economics “G.Fuà”, Piazzale Martelli 8, 60121 Ancona.

    Further details regarding the timetable and the venue will be published on this page at a later date.

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