Academic Offer


This page contains the links to the courses of the PhD-programs. Some of the courses have been designed on a program-specific base, whereas others are open to students from all PhD-programs. All doctoral students and teachers have free access to the classes.

Students who plan to attend the courses are kindly requested to inform their tutors thereof.


General Courses for Doctorate students


1) Technology transfer and innovation. Prof. Donato Iacobucci


2) Design of research: European projects. Prof. Nicola Paone


The courses are 16 hours long for the students of the Faculties of Economics and Medicine and Surgery and of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and Life and Environmental Science, and include 8 additional hours exclusively for the students of the Faculty of Engineering. All classes will be held in English.


The courses offered by the Doctoral School in Engineering Sciences can also be accessed by doctoral students from other universities. To register, you must have login credentials issued by UNIVPM; to this end it is necessary to fill in the form available here.

Please fill in Prof. Nicola Paone as "Direttore" and Davide Bevilacqua (PTA) as "Referente".  The student who completes the request will receive an email with the credentials for access to the network services that he can use to log in to Moodle and to register his presence.


Specific Academic Offer


Ph.D School of Engineering offers the following courses:


Ph.D School of Medicine and Surgery offers the following courses:


Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences - D3A offers the following courses:


Life and Environmental Sciences - Di.S.V.A. offers the following courses:


Management - DIMA offers the following courses:


Economics and Social Sciences - DISES offers the following courses:


Complementary courses


The CSAL organizes languages classes for all the students studying at UNIVPM.


Ph.D. students have access to Microsoft 365 video training resources.


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