Other Services

IT Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering

IT Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering



Course Catalogue

The course catalogue (Guida dello Studente) contains a detailed list of all courses offered during the academic year and additional information concerning courses and curricula. There is a different guide for each faculty, as the information varies from one study area to another. It is available on the university web site.


Computer Facilities

UNIVPM has I.T. laboratories where you can find all kind of facilities: computers, Internet connection, printers, plotters and so on. The opening times and student access to these laboratories vary from one faculty to another. Information is available directly in the laboratories and on the web site. The net, I.T., and multimedia services of the university are managed by CESMI (Centro servizi multimediali e informatici) which is located in the Faculty of Engineering and is also responsible for other projects (ECDL,...). A free WIFI service is also available and the procedure to activate it is on the webpage   Rete WIFI - CeSmi.


Copy Centres

You can make copies, buy handouts and bind written materials at the copy centres located in some of the faculties (Engineeering, Economics), or at specialised shops in the town.


Internet services

The Università Politecnica delle Marche provides students with a range of internet services such as:

  • Consultation of personal records with the opportunity to upgrade some personal details and change the password;
  • Presentation of personalized curricula (when available);
  • Presentation of income declaration for the calculation of the second instalment of tuition fees;
  • Application to take European Computer Driving License (ECDL) exams.