Academic Spin-off


The University supports the constitution of private-law bodies with the aim of entepreneurial utilization in innovative contexts, research results, and the development of new products and services, in particulare the creation on "academic spin-offs".

What is it?

An academic spin-off is a society aimet at the economic utilization of research results, in which the University has to authorize the participation of its permanent and temporary staff, also in the certificate of incorporation, and some services have to be available to facilitate the start-up and its first development.


Who can participate?

Founders of the academic spin-off, apart from the university, may belong to one or more categories listeed below:

a) professors and researchers of the university;
b) grant of fellowship, post-graduate scholarship, and doctorates of the university;
c) external people and companies, to whom university provides space, facilities, and services.

In addition to the bodies of the preceding subparagraph, also may enter the academic spin-off or be shareholders: 
a) research organisations;
b) science parks;
c) public authorities;
d) firms or consortia of firms;
e) banks and financial intermediaries;
f) insurance companies

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