Ph.D Courses - Enrollment procedure


Admitted candidates must submit the enrollment form and the required attachments within 23rd October 2020


Enrollment form ad the required attachments has to be submitted through the online procedure according to the "Ph.D Enrollment Guide(1392 KB)"


Please note that the payment of the enrollment fee is compulsory and failure to make payment 23rd October 2020 will result in the exclusion of the candidates from the admission.


The admitted candidates must carry out this operations.

The enrollment application must be printed and signed after the online procedure. The signed document must be scanned and uploaded in the proper section.

This procedure will enable you to generate the PagoPA form to be used for the payment.

  1. The form Documento in formato Microsoft WordAnn.1 External Activities Declaration(201 KB) must be downloaded, filled in and signed, The signed document must be scanned and uploaded in the proper section.
  2. The form Documento in formato Microsoft Word 2007Ann. Documento in formato Microsoft Word 20072 Scholarship Declaration - straordinary Session (65 KB)must be downloaded, filled in and signed only by straordinary session applicants. The signed document must be scanned and uploaded in the proper section.
  3. The photo for the badge issuance should be in "JPG" format have a 300 DPI resolution.  
  4. Documento in formato Rich Text FormatAnn.3 Scholarship Payment and National Insurance Contrinbution(2415 KB) Please do not write the IBAN code by hand. The bank details must be included also in the reserved area according to the instructions included in Documento in formato Adobe Acrobat this guide(457 KB)
  5. The form Documento in formato Microsoft Wordann. 5 Scholarship Eureka - Dottorati innovativi (181 KB)


The following forms may be uploaded after the deadline. 


  1. Fiscal Code issued by the "Agenzia delle Entrate". This form must be uploaded only by non-italian candidates.
  2. Documento in formato Microsoft Word 2007Ann.4 Master's Degree Declaration(156 KB)This form must be uploaded only by candidates with a Master's Degree non yet obtained at the moment of the selection no later than 06.11.2020.


The following documents must be hand delivered by appointment to the Phd Office at you arrival in Italy.

Candidates holding an Academic Qualification obtained at a University abroad must submit (according to the rules governing each single Country):

  • a copy of the degree certificate, along with its Italian translation, the authentication and a “declaration of value” (“Dichiarazione di Valore”) issued by the competent Italian consular or diplomatic representative for the country;

for foreign citizens only:

  • for non-EU citizens, a copy of the “Permit of Stay” or a copy of the request of the “Permit of Stay”;
  • for EU-citizens, a copy of certification of registration at the registry office, issued by the town-hall of residence;



PhD students must register by on-line procedure to INPS (Institute of national insurance contributions) in the site, path “Servizi Online – Cittadino – Lavoratori parasubordinati”.

The registration is not mandatory if students have already been registered  to INPS, also for previous activities with different commitment.

The registration must be made within 30 days of starting PhD course.


The disclosure pursuant the D.Lgs. n^ 196 of 30.06.2003 and the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) of  27.04.2016 in the University site at the link "Privacy"  – “Disclosure made for the processing of personal data of the students enrolled in the courses at Università Politecnica delle Marche”.


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